Sunday, January 20, 2013 (0.2.8)
download v0.2.8

Added small UI enhancements (snap to grid, shadow and curved links for GfxNode).

Also, few texture nodes were added to Library (analogs of some useful Slim nodes) and a bunch of very interesting nodes from DRL (aka Lex Darlog). Thanks, Lex!
And very annoying bug with lost links after saving was fixed. (I hope)

Added space option support for parameters:
 ["rgb", "hsv", "hsl", "xyz", "XYZ", "YIQ"] for color (though, only "rgb" and "hsv" make sense, because they can be edited by standart color picker, all other just added for RiSpec conformity).

["current", "shader", "object", "camera", "world", "raster", "NDC", "screen"]  for point, vector, normal, matrix.

In xml node descriptions, for input and output properties, definitions like:
default="point "world" (0,1,0)"
default="vector (1)" space="camera"
default="color(0,1,1)" space="hsv"
are now valid.

The NodeEditor dialog ( it appears by double click on selected node ) allows to edit main node attributes (exept changing node type and ID).

Input parameters

Output parameters

The main Node Code and Control Code editing with syntax highlighting. Here is possible to add names for include header files and local variables used in shader code.

Though, in this version NodeEditor is not fully functional yet... Node will not update after editing.
There are still some problems with existing links... But I hope to finish this in next version.


  1. Here's my test render of shader what i do with meShaderEd.

  2. Wow! It looks nice!
    If you wish, you can share your network (e.g. by e-mail) and I'll add it to repositories "samples" list.
    Or if you have some info, that you would like to share -- feel free to add a page to wiki (

    1. Блин.. Написал ответ глядя на картинку, а только потом зашел на livejournal ;)
      Но сути ответа это не меняет. Если есть чем интересным поделиться -- буду только рад.

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