Saturday, November 16, 2019


Shotgun application that displays the list of shotgun entities and corresponding fields.

How to install...
# entities
  type: git
  name: tk-entities
  version: v0.0.1
- ../app_locations.yml
# project
        location: ""
Copy the repository folder inside your pipeline config:
                git repository content 
Then, inside your pipeline config folder, run command:
./tank cache_apps

Saturday, October 12, 2013

meTools moved to CGRU

CGRU is nice set of plugins and scripts maintained by Timur Hairulin (author of Afanasy).
meTools is now moved to cgru\plugins\maya\afanasy, that in my opinion is more logical then in cgru\afanasy\plugins\maya\python\meTools as before, because these scripts are supposed to use with Maya for Afanasy.

Timur, also has written for submitting Afanasy jobs to Arnold standalone renderer.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013 (0.2.9)
download v0.2.9

Some new features were added.

  TextParam widget. 
    - select all nodes (Cmd+A)
    - select nodes below in hierarchy (Cmd+Dn)
    - select nodes above in hierarchy (Cmd+Up)
    - duplicate nodes (Cmd+D) (without connections yet)
  Store Recent Networks in File menu
  Store Recent Projects in File menu
  Saving project description file 'meshadered.prj' in project root
  Added new nodes to Library from DRL

The most noticable in UI are:


This node allows to write some explanation of your networks and control its appearance.


This node helps to organize complex networks with long links.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

meTools for Afanasy

Recently, I've updated a bit Maya's Python scripts for Afanasy. ver. 0.4.5 ver. 0.3.5
Sources are located at:

Now, both scripts have similar set of features and functionality:
- Maya's render layers support
- export compressed .mi (.vrscene) files
- deferred .mi (.vrscene) generation
- distributed rendering on render farm using Afanasy render manager

Sunday, January 20, 2013 (0.2.8)
download v0.2.8

Added small UI enhancements (snap to grid, shadow and curved links for GfxNode).

Also, few texture nodes were added to Library (analogs of some useful Slim nodes) and a bunch of very interesting nodes from DRL (aka Lex Darlog). Thanks, Lex!
And very annoying bug with lost links after saving was fixed. (I hope)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fedora 17 troubles

Again... After some time, that  I've spend without any troubles with Ubuntu 12.06, I've decided to upgrade to 'more stable' 12.10. This was my mistake.  It is much more worse in real life then 12.06.
At first glance, it looks nifty, but Gnome 3 still looks like a cheap Chinese imitation of Mac OSX. But in Mac OSX, everything looks perfect! Every pixel or every icon is perfect! Gnome still looks like amateur's work... More worse, every time,  I've got  a lots of strange errors about calendar or something else, that I've never used. After upgrading to kernel, I can't even login to my system with NVidia driver without 'nouveau' support at all... I even can't switch to new terminal by Alt+Ctrl+F... !  That's all. I've decided to switch to Fedora again. Though.. Here are some troubles also... But with some help from Mr.Google, I've found some useful solutions.

Monday, January 14, 2013 (0.2.0)

Maya Python scripts for generating .vrscene files and rendering by VRay standalone using Afanasy (backburner support dropped in this version).
This version has more task controls for Afanasy and support for deferred .vrscene generation.
Sources are located at: