Thursday, August 12, 2010

meBake3D.slim + meTexture3D.slim vs Bakeable

The Bakeable template in Slim looks very powerful. And most part of its power is hidden under the hood. Depending of CONTEXT, defined in Bake generator, it can write pointclouds by bake3d  function call or reuse baked data by texture3d. BakeStyle parameter controls a special post job for Alfred  that converts pointclouds to brickmaps or texturemaps. But there are not controls to adjust some useful parameters (e.g. MaxError) for brickmake. The Bakeable is general purpose template, it needs DisplayChannels _float and _color for storing corresponding values to pointcloud file. And again, both bake3d and texture3d functions have optional parameters that are absent in original template...

Brickmake, ptfilter and txmake are standalone utilites. Hence, for me it is more comfortable to use them by  special shell scripts. And all baking process can be achived in Slim by using EnsembleAdaptors with CONTEXT controller. It looks more clear, as for me. So, for baking in pointclouds I use just simple  meBake3D.slim and meTexture3D.slim templates



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