Friday, November 25, 2011

Liquid (mesh branch).
Changes in source files location.

I've updated liquidmaya (mesh branch) on SourceForge to version 2.4.0, according to last version of duran-duboi branch . St├ęphane Deverly did a great job for enhancing liquidmaya in last time.  I've merged almost all new features from his sources, but our branches are not fully identical. As I'm using cmake for code building, I've decided to rearrange a bit location of source files for sake of simplifying configuration  in CMakeLists.txt files.

In ${LIQUIDHOME}/build are located shell scripts for building:
.cmd version for Windows and .sh for Linux and OSX.
 As well, here are msvc folder for MS VisualStudio projects, and xcode for OSX (10.7).

In ${LIQUIDHOME}/src are located just few files:
Rest files are in ${LIQUIDHOME}/src/common and ${LIQUIDHOME}/src/displayDrivers

This helps to keep directory structure more logical  (imho).

Files from BOOST library were removed from include folder, because it's supposed that most current version of BOOST is already installed in system. It is not too difficult to download it from

The lex.var.cpp renamed to lex.var.c,  because it is easer to describe compiling sources for cmake in CMakeLists.txt as whildcard *.cpp e.g. :
But lex.var.cpp supposed to be included in source by preprocessor directive #include  in variable.y and variable.cpp.
Linked riblib library placed to ribLib/lib/${os_name} and named as librib${ARCH}.lib 
e.g. librib-x64.lib for x64 architecture
On windows, I'm using zlib 1.2.5 (zlibwapi.lib, zlibwapi.dll), compiled from sources

libRibTranslator.cpp has the biggest size in the whole project... and this class need to be refactoring somehow, but this task have to be done extra thoroughly...  so I've decided just to split it, for begining, on two logical parts:

Other changes, I'm going to describe in next posts...

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