Monday, September 6, 2010

Fedora 13 troubles

Don't know, why I've decided to install new Fedora 13, after being almost satisfied with my previous Fedora 11 desktop... I already became accustomed to disable SELinux and firewall for decreasing headache while installing specific software. But in F13 it isn't so easy now.
Any way, googling may help and in this case, though... 

1. Mount internal disks without root password

This solution I've found at
Just add next lines to the file:
(in my system it didn't exist, so I've created it by myself)

[filesystems mount internal privs]

For user specific case, modify Identity like:
Reboot the system, and Gnome will mount your disks without annoying ask for password.

2. Disabling experimental nouveau driver 

After spending an hour without any success, trying to run Houdini 11, I've decided that something wrong with my video driver, though Maya works pretty well, but Gnome Desktop Effects was refused to start due my GeForce 9900 card isn't "3D accelerated" ! And NVidia linux driver can not be installed while nouveau driver is active. So first founded solution was simple to disable this driver by adding string "rdblacklist=nouveau" to /etc/grub.conf in kernel description line.

For example:

title Fedora (
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /vmlinuz- ro ... rdblacklist=nouveau

3. System freezes at startup after kernel update to

Current workaround in my case -- disconnecting Wacom tablet before starting system. After that, it can be connected again...
(updated 23.09.2010)
Well. It seems that in kernel this bug is fixed.

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