Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slim user commands

For adding a custom user commands to Slim menu, you need to modify your custom slim.ini and TOR.ini. Also you have to write custom Slim template with your cmdui definition.

To customize RAT environment, it is a good practice to keep your custom slim.ini and TOR.ini files in the directory defined in system environment variable RAT_SCRIPT_PATHS. You can define space-separated list of directories in this variable for connecting templates and settings from different location inside studio. 
E.g.: SET RAT_SCRIPT_PATHS=d:/slim //server/studio/slim

1. Here is a fragment of code from my meCustomCmd.slim

slim 1 extensions mesh {
  extensions mesh sl {
    cmdui meshFunctions {
        invocation {PaletteEditor/Functions/Read Slim file(s)} \
        {ReadSlimFile %c}
        TclTkSource {
          proc ReadSlimFile plt {
            ::RAT::PickFile -cmd "slim ReadSlimFile %v" 
            -filetypes Source           
            -mode openmulti
        invocation {PaletteEditor/Functions/Flatten Shader} \
        { ::mesh::FlatShader %c}
        invocation {PaletteEditor/Functions/App Params Manager} \
        { ::mesh::slimParamManager %c}
        invocation {PaletteEditor/Functions/Get App Info} \
        { ::mesh::GetAppInfo %c}
        invocation {PaletteEditor/Functions/Get Params Info} \
        { ::mesh::GetParamsInfo %c}
        invocation {PaletteEditor/Functions/Reload Slim extensions} \
        {    slim ReloadExtensions slim
            slim ReloadExtensions customcmd
            slim ReloadExtensions customui
            slim ReloadExtensions tcl
    ... skipped ...

2. If meCustomCmd.slim is located in d:/slim/mesh, then somewhere in the begining of custom slim.ini add the following commands:

set userTempl [GetEnv RAT_SCRIPT_PATHS]
LoadExtension slim [file join $userTempl mesh//meCustomCmd.slim] customcmd 

3. If scripts with user commands are located in d:/slim/mesh/(cmd), then somewhere in custom TOR.ini add the following commands:

set userCmdDir [file join [GetEnv RAT_SCRIPT_PATHS] mesh//(cmd)] 
LoadExtension tcl [file join $userCmdDir meCommon.tcl]
LoadExtension tcl [file join $userCmdDir FlatShader.tcl]
LoadExtension tcl [file join $userCmdDir GetAppInfo.tcl]
LoadExtension tcl [file join $userCmdDir EnsTools.tcl]
LoadExtension tcl [file join $userCmdDir slimParamManager.tcl]
LoadExtension tcl [file join $userCmdDir slimPaletteManager.tcl]
LoadExtension tcl [file join $userCmdDir NodesTools.tcl]

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